Platform Technologies Programme Lead . Job Reference: 1628628

Job ID: 648079
Location: Stockley Park
Category: Engineering
Salary: Competite + Benefits negotiable
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Competite + Benefits

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21 Apr 2017

Business Area
Head Office

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Stockley Park

Vacancy Details

The Platform Technologies Team is responsible for the transformation of the technology landscape that underpins Marks and Spencer. The transformation is to new ways of working, utilising the latest application technology and maximising the use of cloud based capabilities.
This involves delivering new techniques and technologies that will makes our engineering teams more efficient at developing and deploying software at pace. These new techniques will be developed and delivered across all areas of IT focusing on improving quality, reliability, continuous delivery practices and overall value delivered to our customers.
This includes (but not limited to): PaaS; IaaS; IaaC; BaaS; DevOps; Continuous Delivery; and focusing on maximising the use of Cloud - AWS and Azure, Cloud Foundry with BlueMix, PWS and others. Platform technology team members are great communicators and collaborators who typically have a software engineering background and a developer approach to problem solving.
The planned transformation to the platform is pushing the boundaries of technology through deploying the latest tools and techniques this brings with it a new set of challenges to overcome the need for lateral thinking and the creation of new innovative techniques.
This role is as an engineer to design, build and operate new large scale infrastructure platforms that are focused on maximising the use of the latest cloud technologies. The platforms will support the deployment, monitoring and day to day running of our core business systems. Participation in a 24/7 on-call rota maybe required.
Key Accountabilities:
* Delivery and all parts of the general operation of a key platform technology programme theme
* Play a key role in delivering the transformation of hundreds of applications to new platform technologies
* Leading and as required managing a group of Platform Technology Engineers
* Support, contribute and maintain the platform technology roadmaps for both technology landscape and transformation timescale. As required - prepares and owns business cases related to the platform technology roadmaps.
* Build positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders to keep them engaged and motivated in delivering the programme goals and challenging the status quo working with stakeholders to propose ideas for continual step change
* Prepare, manage and support all necessary business change activity to deliver the programme theme
* Optimise delivery cadence to keep the programme theme on track and proactively manage risks and issues. Making clear priority decisions on what to do and what not to do based on strategy, overall roadmap and budget.
* Present with authority and communicate key recommendations for the programme theme
* Understand the technology solutions being implemented and always consider viable alternatives
* Remain up to date with and evaluate the latest technologies to understand their value, potential and impact
* Play an active role in the Platform Technology community and education - providing expertise and guidance to others
* Always champion repeatable, supportable, operable, scalable, automated and standardised practices; and the introduction of new tools and technologies that simplify and increase efficiency of both development and operation.
Technical skills/business skills required:
* Ability to collaborate and work with others
* Experience of successfully creating, managing and tracking programme delivery plans
* Excellent financial skills and budget control
* Experience of stakeholder management across an organisation - and at all levels
* Understand current software development techniques (API/micro-services, 12 factor apps) and their implications
* Experience of managing major incidents and disaster recovery approaches
* Ability to fail-fast and work with a value driven agile approach
* Ability to self-organise, be pragmatic, inquisitive, challenger and able to make changes for the better
* Familiar with configuring and managing Linux servers for serving a dynamic website
* Familiar with complex multi-layer, multi-application software architectures
* Familiar with network topologies and protocols - TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL, etc.
* Familiar with container technologies and related areas such as Docker and Kubernetes
* Familiar with deploying and configuring machines in a Cloud environment
* Familiar with key cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS
* Familiar with PaaS technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Heroku
* Familiar with the Installation and management of cloud-capable monitoring tools
* Familiar with configuration management tools like TerraForm, Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, Ansible
* Familiar with Continuous Deployment tools such as Jenkins, CodeShip and Concourse
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